Join my online community created just for you~

I would like to take a few minutes to invite you to the community forum that I created several months ago, but life and suffering got in the way and put it on the back burner, but I am ready to get back into life and I want to share that life with you and also share yours and offer you support, hope, fun, and friendship.

This online community is not about suffering. It is a place where you are free to be yourself and express who and what you are and receive validation, support, and a heck of a lot of fun. Life is not all about suffering. We are MORE than what we suffer. We are MORE than our circumstances.

I looked around for support groups where I could just simply be me and could not find any and I believe in creating what you want, thence my community was born.

Below, I have listed the topics we will be sharing and will be adding more with input from you. I know that this community will be a blessing to you and I hope you will find it to be a home away from home. Please join me here at Meaningfulsuffering~The Community and invite as many people as you can because we need each other in this world and we all have a lot to offer.

I can’t wait to see you there!

Why We Are Here~Founder’s Message
This community was created with YOU in mind. It is about you, for you, and we are with you as you go through life.
Welcome! Please introduce yourself!
Please stop in for a minute and tell us a little about yourself.
Cassie’s Chatbox-Come on in!
This chatroom is for general chit chat about life. The meaning of life, the meaningless of life, the essence of life. You know, it’s just about LIFE. Who’s chatting:
No users currently chatting

The Serenity Principle Forum
Changing What We Can
In this forum, we will explore and exchange ideas/solutions for changing the things in our lives that are within our control.
Accepting the Unchangeable
In this forum, we will share our struggles and support each other as we learn and find ways to cope, accept, and adapt to the things in life we cannot change.

Vent Until You’re Spent Forum Topics Posts Points Last Post
Rules For the Vent
Please read these important rules about venting before you start posting. This is important! DO NOT SKIP THIS POST.
Rules for the Vent
The Steam Room
Who’s chatting:
No users currently chatting

Emotional Support Forum
Rules For Support
Please read these important rules about emotional support before you start posting. This is important! DO NOT SKIP THIS POST.
Rules for Support
I Am Happy
This is the place for you to express all your happy feelings! Life is not one tragedy after another. There are many good things about life and this is the forum to share those things. So, what’re ya smiling about?:)
I Am Confused
Sometimes, we don’t know what in the world we are feeling. This forum is the perfect place for such feelings. In releasing our confusion, we often find clarity. Share with us what you are going through. We care.
I Am Afraid
This forum is the place to express your fears, doubts, and anxieities. No problem is too small nor too big to receive support and encouragement.
I Am Angry
This forum is where you express your feelings of anger. You don’t have to have a need or reason for being angry. Here we will support those feelings and give you a safe place to express this negative emotion.
I Don’t Know What I Am
This is the place to go where you do not know what in the world you are feeling, doing, or thinking. We will support you where you are, don’t worry!

The Comfort Zone Forum Topics Posts Points Last Post
Our Daily Bread
These forums will be where we share our daily lives. What we are doing, what our kids are doing…you know, our lives.LOL We are more than our feelings. I want us to get to know each other. Let’s be friends!:)

Check out and join the community


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