Taking the Sting Out of Suffering

I hesitated at first to write this blog about suffering because of the many and varied forms of suffering that I have had to endure throughout my life. I had not wanted to recount them at all. For as far as I was concerned, it was bad enough that I had gone through hell. I had no desire to relive the experience. Many people, however, encouraged me to write about my life, reiterating to me that my suffering and the lessons learned would help others. So for the sake of those “others,” I began this blog. And, oh, how thrilled I am that I was obedient to the voices of friends, family, and strangers alike. For had I not been, I may have stayed stuck in a place of pain instead of dancing in the light of freedom that suffering is now raining down on me.

After recounting the affects of loneliness and the resultant trauma of missing my beloved, I came to the conclusion that suffering’s sting no longer had the power to hurt me in quite the same way that it had in the past. Where before, I felt great anguish of spirit and a death to dreams, the suffering that is now portrayed in my life is now a help to me and no longer a hindrance. The things that I suffer are catalysts and no more catastrophe. The sufferings I now endure serve to defeat the remaining giants that reside in my land of promise and I now use my hardships as training grounds to root out the enemies of my peace and tranquility.

We all suffer. That is one fact of life that will not change. Change CAN occur to our perception and reception of suffering and that makes all the difference in the world.

I see life through new eyes, thanks largely to suffering. I can see its beauty, even in its thorns. I can appreciate struggle, turmoil, and strife, knowing that those things are making me resilient and able to endure what would make many a person balk.

The sting of the thorn has been taken out of suffering for me. Now I only feel and smell the rose. And, oh, how sweet it is!


One thought on “Taking the Sting Out of Suffering

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