You Are Amazing!


The things that we suffer with and from have a way of obscuring this one immutable certainty: You are amazing!

Now, you may not be feeling particularly amazing at this particular moment in time (particularly if you are a person who views the glass as being half-empty and you may be struggling with something in particular right now). So, please allow me to remind you why you are so amazing using some of the things which may be causing you to suffer, listed in no particular order:

  • You have been arguing with your spouse, child(ren ), parents, co-workers, friends, etc. Good. You care enough about yourself to express your feelings and affirm your rights, even though this may be presenting itself in a less healthy manner at the moment. This is a wonderful opportunity to brush up on your communication skills and reconnect on a deeper level with those you love and care about.
  • You ruminate a lot; worry often; and are anxious more often than not. Be encouraged. This is your mind’s way of alerting you to areas in your life that requires attention. This also means that you are unwilling to settle for being less than you can. And as an added bonus, the stress you are feeling from all of this rumination is only energy, which is fuel that you can use to make  changes to those things that your mind is highlighting.
  • You believe you are unloveable; you feel worthless; you hate yourself. God bless you, you are a person of great depth of character. For the darker the emotion, the deeper is the well that resides within you. You are merely viewing yourself right now through the lenses of perception instead of the light of truth. And the truth is that you have been created with great care and detail by the One Who designed the universe, made rainbows, and sprinkled the heavens with stars. Your heart is filled with compassion and you are generous of spirit. You are precious and you are priceless.
  • You are struggling. Fantastic! That means that you are getting stronger. Strength is only attained through resistance. Muscles (both physical and mental) are grown by resisting weight that is heavier than the one exercising that muscle. When you are being worked out by life and struggle, your concentration is focused, your senses are made sharper, power flows through you, and to endure becomes part of who you are and no longer what you do. The Rocky that is within you says to the Clubber Lang that is life, “You ain’t so bad!  You ain’t so bad! You ain’t so bad! You ain’t nothin’!” You are a champion.
  • You feel like damaged goods. Praise God! You are precisely what you were made to be. Gold can only be purified and refined by fire. Diamonds are cut. Marble sculptures are hammered, chiseled, and sanded. The most beautiful stained windows and mosaics are made up of broken glass.  Your life is a tapestry. On the back side that you are presently viewing are knots and gnarls and strings dangling in a seeming disarray of tangled weaving, strange fabrics, and startling patches of colors that clash with such garishness that they couldn’t possibly have been put there purposely or with rational thought. When you turn the tapestry right side up, however, you can see the breathtaking portrait that is you…a masterpiece that has been in the making from the moment you opened your beautiful eyes on the day that you graced this world with your presence. During those moments when you feel like your life is unraveling and you are all tied up in knots, remember that you are only seeing the back side of the masterpice that is you. With all the blows that you will take and every time you get burned, the masterpiece…YOU…is being created every moment of every day. I told you that you are amazing!
  • You have spent your life acquiring possessions; building relationships; and having adventures. You have accomplished goals, both great and small. You are the object of admiration and envy by both friend and foe alike. You have done what you wanted, when you wanted, and how you wanted to do it…and yet you feel empty. You are way ahead of the curve! For you have reached the stage of maturity where you know that life is far more than what you have, what you have attained, what you do, or what you feel. You are now on the threshhold of the greatest discovery of your life. Because you have just been given the answer to the meaning of life itself, which is–I can’t do that to you. I can’t tell you what has been unleashed within you because I’d be just like one of those people who plops down oh-so-nonchalantly beside you as you sit gripping the edge of your seat in frantic desperation sixty seconds before the climax of the thriller of the century that you have been dying to see for ages who calmly proceeds to tell you not only what happens to every character, and why (including the shocking and most mind-boggling twist ever portrayed on film), but goes on to describe with great relish every detail of the upcoming sequel that is going to be shown immediately following this film. I can’t do that to you. I just can’t do it. You have a fantastic sense of humor.
  • Life and some of the people in it have attempted to persuade you that you cannot win. And enough sorrow and suffering have occurred in your life that you are almost (but not quite) ready to believe it. Now, THAT is one of the most fantastic things about you that makes you so amazing. Why? Because every moment and circumstance in the game of life gives you the opportunity and ability to make the “Hail Mary” play that is still being talked about 28 years later. (And I can tell you that I was in my living room watching the game at the time and the thrill of that moment in history has never subsided.) Refuse to believe that you cannot win. You can do the impossible.
  • You have/are experiencing failures. Perfect. Because you are obtaining wisdom, which is knowledge in action. You now know what not to do in certain situations and have identified areas for growth. You also know that each rejection is simply one less person that you will need to ask and one less door that you will have to knock on before someone lets you in. Because every time you get back up and try again after you’ve failed at something, you’re one step closer to discovering your secret weapon, and that is this question: How do you defeat someone who will not be defeated? Answer. It is impossible. Because one who has determined beforehand that they will not be defeated will use the very things that its adversary is attempting to beat them. Setbacks are really setups in disguise. You are fearless.

I haven’t even begun to show you just how amazing you are. I’ve only barely tapped into the gold mine that you are. (Notice that I said the gold mine that you ARE, not the gold mine that you HAVE. There’s a big difference between the two. Anything that you have can be lost. But what you are can never be taken away.)

And remember that I came to you from the perspective of one who sees the glass of life as being half-empty. Just open your heart and imagine what view of yourself that you are going to envision once you make the decision to see the fulness of the glass.

The awesome thing about what I have shared with you about yourself is the fact that it is not based on positive thinking, like you may be thinking right now. Every word that I have spoken to you is the truth. Truths that have been tested and proven through the clinical trials of suffering. (And here you have been thinking that suffering serves no good purpose and that it has no meaning. It is only when you hurt yourself or others that suffering loses its worth.)

The hyperlinks that I have provided in this blog are filled with articles, affirmations, videos, and songs that back up every word that I have written. Experience and bookmark them all. Because, I am not simply speaking for myself. The world has been telling you all along this one irrefutable truth. And that is…


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