About Suffering, Cassie-Style

Four years ago, I started this blog about suffering. In those four years, I have learned much about the subject of suffering, so I am redoing this blog.

I have not written in this blog for a couple years because once I was healed from CFS, I felt guilty because so many people still suffered with the disease and I felt that I no longer had a voice that others wanted to hear. How wrong I was, for I am so much more than my years of sickness and my suffering far surpasses the many days that I spent confined to my bed.

Suffering is both more and less than everything. More in the sense that when you are suffering, it encompasses all that you are, as a person, as an individual, and on a fundamental level, as a human being. Less in that we are all so much more than our suffering. So much more.

I have been living with and through a great deal of suffering on many levels and have wondered what in the world is wrong with the world and with me. I am going to bare my heart and soul on the pages of this blog in the hope that my pilgrimage will be of benefit to others. So, hold my hand as I take you on a journey of pain. On the other side, we will both find peace.




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